October Ghosts 2016!


Here we are again, six years on for October Ghosts.

I’ve got an impressive list of writers joining me again this year; David Caprita, Shoshana Hebshi-Holt, Melissa Underwood, Chris Pauley, John Burish, Matt Morava and Matthew Duggan.

As for me, I’ve got new stories (some written, others a mere log line) that I’ll be sharing with you throughout this month.

As before, October Ghosts is always changing, evolving and morphing.

When I first started October Ghosts in 2011, I set out to write 31 stories in 31 days. I did it and frankly have been never been able to match it since. But that’s okay, every year when it’s November 1st, I look back at where I was at the beginning of the month and think, “Wow, look at all the new content.” Plus, the writers who contribute stories always bring the noise. I think I’m more excited for their work than my own.

As with previous years, October Ghosts will feature new and old stories  as well as an introduction by me or one of the other writers on what inspired the story, how it was written, or what has sparked their creativity.

And with that I say, “Happy October!” to you all, it’s going to be another fun one this year.


Trevor Boelter

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